Mr.Techmaker’s — Fast Flutter Maker Online Course

Welcome To Mr.Techmaker’s — Fast Flutter Maker Course :)

I teach flutter, dart programming along with design thinking, entrepreneurship in the course.
We will be using the “Learn By Doing” method.
You will need to type in code as you study each lesson.

The goal is to make you ready with necessary skills, information to start launching flutter apps and make good income.
While achieving this goal you will become a creative flutter programmer as well as a skillful entrepreneur.

Join me in the journey to be a Fast Flutter Maker.🔥
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Fast Flutter Maker Full Paid course includes:

  • 4 Live Online Tutoring Sessions every month with Mr. Techmaker
  • Learn Flutter by Example code lessons to understand concepts.
  • Practice Worksheets for you.
  • Quiz Questions at end of each blog post.
  • Video lessons.
  • Audio Lessons.
  • Subreddit to discuss and participate in community.

The price for the course will be 30 USD per month.
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I assure you a quality experience.
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